Welcome at the GAUGHOF

The Arabian stud farm in Wangen/Ritten in the Tyrolean Alps (Italy)

More than twentyfive years ago, the Bolzano furniture maker Peppi Selva began with two Haflinger mares: a leisure-time horse breeder. He then discovered his love for Arabian thoroughbreds and educated himself to the point of becoming a specialist in the complicated pedigrees and heredity lines of purebred Arabian horses.

Selva purchased stallions and mares throughout all of Europe from famous and successful breeding families and founded the “Gaughof” Arabian stud farm in Wangen/Ritten in the Tyrolean Alps, one of the first breeding operations in Italy where thoroughbred Arabians were bred in the grand style. Steeply climbing paths, blossoming meadows, a man-made lake in the vicinity, abundant sunshine, and in winter an orderly frost – the bracing climate of the mountains is apparently precisely the right one for these horses of the desert who are accustomed to challenging conditions.